Instant Pot Recipes from a Chef's Wife and IP Enthusiast

BPA-Free Instant Pot Dried Black Beans

Start to finish cook time: 53 minutes (1 prep + 12 pressurize + 30 high pressure + 10 depressure)
*reaching pressure time is based of a 4QT*
Effort Level: Low
Produces: 2 1/4 cups cooked black beans

Some of you may be wondering why anyone would go to the trouble of cooking dried black beans, instead of just buying a can of already cooked black beans. After a several year fertility battle, I started to learn a lot about environmental toxins and the impact those have on your body. A good majority of cans are lined with a chemical called BPA, if you google it you will understand why you would want to avoid this (it gets in your bloodstream).  This is why when I'm using tomato sauce, you will see I use Hunt's brand because they are a company that doesn't use BPA in their cans. Unfortunately, even the BPA free cans can be lined with other not so great chemicals so if you can go the dried bean route you avoid all chemicals all together.

Before I owned an Instant Pot I tried several times to cook dried beans and it was a nightmare. It has to cook on the stove on simmer literally ALL DAY. Usually I would still screw it up and Chef would have to save them. The IP though, makes it effortless and under an hour!! IP for the win!

If you want to jump straight to the recipe, no need to keep scrolling it's right below. If you want step-by-step pictures though, I've included those below the recipe. And as my Chef husband says, "Food is love". Enjoy!


  • 1 cup dried black beans
  • 3 cups water
  • 1/2 tsp of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (can sub 1/2 tsp of salt if desired)

  1. Pour 3 cups water and 1 cup dried black beans into your Instant Pot. Add 1/2 tsp creole seasoning or salt, whichever is your preference.
  2. Seal and set to high pressure for 30 minutes and allow 12 minutes to reach pressure. Be sure the steam vent is set to the sealed position and that keep warm is selected
  3. Once it beeps that it's finished on high pressure, allow to sit for 10 minutes before releasing remaining pressure.
  4. Strain beans in a metal strainer in the sink, to reduce excess liquid. 
  5. Serve as a side, in burritos, mixed with rice, in soups... World's your oyster!

You will need bag of dried black beans. 
Add 1 cup black beans, 3 cups water, salt or creole.
Seal and set to 30 minutes high pressure, allow for
12 minutes to build pressure. Once it beeps,
let it natural pressure release for 10 minutes
before releasing remaining steam.
Using oven mitts, take liner of IP and pour into metal
strainer to drain excess liquid. I usually will
shake a few times to get all the liquid out, if you are
not serving hot immediately and adding to say a soup
you can run water over it to get the excess black bean
juices off.  
Serve or add into a dish as desired!