Instant Pot Recipes from a Chef's Wife and IP Enthusiast

Instant Pot Strawberry & Raspberry Go-Gurt

Start to Finish Cook Time: 12.5 hours (8 hours yogurt function, 4 hours fridge, 30 minutes tube prep) 
Effort Level: Low
Servings: 24 (2inX5in) Tubes
Yields: 6 cups of yogurt total
Nutrition: Roughly 90 calories per tube

After much success with my Plain Overnight Yogurt recipe, I was compelled to try homemade go-gurt. I love go-gurt, it's easy mobile snack and easier to eat than yogurt out of container. I also love fruity yogurt, it's nature's sugar. Recently I discovered that using strawberry go-gurt as your yogurt starter not only works, but is so good!! It gives this hint of strawberry, and sweetness, it's my new favorite. Use a store bought go-gurt though for starter not your homemade, you will always need store-bought starter.  I wanted to include below some tidbits from your original plain yogurt recipe, as they are still very applicable to making go-gurt.

Let me tell you, once you taste this creamy fluffy homemade yogurt you won't ever want to eat the kind of yogurt you buy in a store. Let me also tell you a story about the first time I made this though, a cautionary tale. When it's done incubating, there is a bit of condensation that sits at the top layer of the yogurt. I came up with this brilliant idea to try to pour out that bit of condensation, and just when I thought it was perfect "FLOP". There goes half my yogurt in the sink. After 8 hours, this is quite devastating. However, the yogurt that survived was amazing. The next time I made this, I didn't do anything with the condensation for fear of having the same thing happen. And then it turned out too liquidy. Attempt 3, I found the sweet spot. If you dab a paper towel, it soaks up that excess liquid while keeping the yogurt safe. It's not a ton of liquid, but if you leave this it messes with the texture in my opinion. So don't be me, don't give your yogurt to the sink gods.

The true test if you made a good batch of yogurt is what the IP'ers call "the spoon test". If you put a spoon in it, the spoon will sit upright without assistance. When you get your standing spoon, you will be filled with joy. I prefer to cook this overnight since it has to sit for many hours (although you can cook during the day if that is more convenient for you). There are many variations out there, some without condensed milk and others with chocolate milk but personally those attempts did not come out as good as this recipe always does.

Do note you will need a food processor, a Instant Pot with Yogurt function, a funnel, and BPA-free plastic popsicle tubes for this recipe. I used these Popsicle Tubes off of Amazon, these were a tad shorter than expected but work, you are welcome to use whichever kind you want though just be sure it seals. Also, do yourself a favor and make sure to get the right funnel! It needs to be small enough to fit into tube but big enough that the chunks of fruit don't get stuck.

If you want to jump straight to the recipe, no need to keep scrolling it's right below. If you want step-by-step pictures though, I've included those below the recipe. And as my Chef husband says, "Food is love". Enjoy!

Yogurt Ingredients
  • Carton of Lactose Free Fairlife 2% Milk (Blue Bottle) *you can use Fairlife Whole Milk (Red Bottle) if desired but I prefer the 2% for health and consistency reasons*  
  • 2 tbsp yogurt starter (anything with an active culture, I've used 5% Fage or even strawberry go-gurt)
  • 1/2 can condensed sweetened milk (optional but highly recommended)

Go-Gurt Additional Ingredients
  • 6 oz raspberries, washed and food processed
  • 1/2 container of 16 oz strawberries, washed-tops cut off- and sliced in half then food processed
  • Crystal Light*If you want to do instead of fruit*


  1. Pour gallon of Fairlife Milk, 2 tablespoons of your yogurt starter, and sweetened condensed milk into the instant pot.Whisk thoroughly!
  2. Seal and hit your yogurt button.  Make sure the steam vent is in the sealed position. Leave for 8 hours.
  3. Once done, it will read "YoGt" on your IP. Open the pot, trying to not pour the condensation on the lid onto the yogurt.
  4. Take a paper towel and dab all the excess moisture off (do NOT tilt and pour out condensation, as that is how you get a sink full of yogurt). This is an important step to creamy (not watery) yogurt.
  5. Take the stainless steal pot out of the IP, cover with a top or tin foil, and leave in your fridge for at least 4 hours. Dab any excess moisture still left with paper towel.
  6. Using a food processor, add full container of raspberries and pulse until in small chunks. Add to one bowl. Rinse processor and add 1/2 container of strawberries to repeat the process. For the strawberries be sure to cut off the tops and slice in half before adding to processor as you don't want leaves and you want as small as possible once pulsed. Add pulsed strawberries to a different bowl.
  7. Divide yogurt into the two separate bowls of fruit, 3 cups of yogurt to each bowl. Mix each bowl of yogurt and fruit until blended. 
  8. Using a funnel, poor fruit mixtures into tubes. It should make roughly 12 strawberry tubes and 12 raspberry tubes. I like to mark which kind it is and date it.
  9. Fridge or freeze, and enjoy!

Be sure to use Fairlife Whole Milk, any yogurt started so long as it has active
cultures, and you can use a 1/2 can condensed milk.
Add all to the pot and whisk WELL. You want active cultures mixed.
Hit yogurt and let it incubate 8 hours. Once done it
will say "YoGt".
This is what it will look like.
Dab excess moisture with paper towel, important to
remove extra liquid but DO NOT tilt over sink.

Add raspberries into a food processor and pulse until small.
Add 3 cups yogurt with raspberries and mix in bowl.

Cut tops of strawberries and cut in half, add to food processor.
Pulse into smallest chunks possible.

Add to remaining 3 cups yogurt in a separate bowl and mix.

Raspberry yogurt on left, strawberry yogurt on right.

Using funnel, fill each tube. You should have
roughly 24 total (12 of each)

Label, date, and enjoy.